Chicken Soup

I’ve been battling a terrible cold for a few weeks now and needed something to get me feel better. I remember as a child, whenever I wasn’t feeling well, the women in my family would make this amazing Jamaican chicken and veggies soup. Now, I find myself doing the same for my family.

It is rich of wonderful vegetables such as turnips, chayote, carrots, onions and my favorite kabato pumpkin. Combining these veggies with chicken, spices, herbs and a pack of Grace chicken noodle mix delivers a soup that will aid in a speedy recovery and a lot of flavor for those lost taste buds.


14 cup(s) water
1 Kabato pumpkin
3 medium carrot
2 clove(s) garlic
2 turnips
2 Chayotes
2 tbs  salt
1 tsp all spice
1 onion
1 packet(s) Grace Cock Soup Mix
2 stalk(s) escallion (green onion)
3 sprig(s) thyme
6-8 pieces of drumettes
6 whole pimento berries
1 whole scotch bonnet pepper


  • Clean and wash chicken in a vinegar or lemon and add with water in soup pot on medium heat.
  • Grate 1 carrot and add to pot.
  • Dice pumpkin, 2 carrots, turnips, chayotes and add to pot.
  • Cut onion into four sections along with crush garlic and add to pot.
  • As the pot comes to a boil, it will began to foam up. Using a large spoon, take foam off top and throw away.
  • Add salt, all spice, 3 pimento berries, 1 escalation, and 1 sprig of thyme. Cook for 45 minutes.  Stir constantly to prevent sticking at the bottom of pot.
  • Add Grace Cock Soup Mix and stir into the soup along with remaining of escallion, thyme, pimento berries and scotch bonnet pepper.
  • Stir the mixture, cover and leave to simmer for a further 15 minutes.


Note: This soup is great with any vegetable of choice and an also be made vegan or vegetarian.


Fried Ripe Plantains

Plantains also known as cooking bananas are a great snack or addition to a meal. As a child, they were and still are one of my favorite snacks. Growing up in Jamaica, I remember my grandfather having acres of plantain trees and watching the process from small bananas buds to ripen plantains was an amazing experience. They typically have a vibrant yellow color which can be very appealing to birds as well as humans.

This highly starchy fruit can be enjoyed ripe or unripe and have various ways it can be prepared. Plantain porridge and chips are just a few ways this fruit is prepared . Personally, I prefer them ripe because of their naturally sweet flavor, however when I am craving something salty; the unripe ones are just as delicious. Cinnamon, brown sugar or powdered sugar are great ways to their flavors enhancers and per your preference you can add only one or all three.

Jamaican Curry Chicken

Coriander , turmeric, cumin, fenugreek, and chili peppers are combined to make a delicious spice called curry. There are many regions where this Spice is used on hundreds of dishes. Each regions curry has a different flavor.

Jamaican curry is what I am use to and obviously my favorite. It is full of herbs and spices. It contain all spice which is one of my favorite seasonings for meat. One of the most popular Jamaican dish is curry chicken. A great way to enhance this meal and give it a very rich flavor is to add carrots and tomatoes. Adding a whole, uncut scotch bonnet pepper as the pot simmers is a great way to add spice and if more is desired, a few pieces of scotch bonnet or any pepper of choice can be added. I love this dish served over coconut garlic rice and garnished with plantains or dumplings.

Lemongrass Tea

Lately I have been thinking about a particular herb; Lemongrass. It is in the grass family and grows on most tropical islands. As a child in Jamaica, I remembered its popularity and enjoying a cup of lemongrass tea very often. A few days ago, I was in the produce section in my local grocery store and came across lemongrass.

I was ecstatic to reconnect with this wonderful herb. It’s vibrant smell and refreshing flavor brought back so many warm feelings.Even though I knew of this herb, I did not know of the many health benefits it had to offer. I learned that it aids in respiratory disorders, digestive disorders, insomnia, fevers and many more illnesses, some of which I currently suffer from. I knew there was a reason this herb weighed heavily on my mind and I will definitely incorporate a cup of lemongrass tea in my weekly regimen.


1 stalk lemongrass

sweetener of choice


  1. Break stack of lemongrass to fit into a tea maker, cup or pot.
  2. Bring water to a boil and pour over stalk of lemongrass.
  3. Cover and brew for 5 minutes.
  4. Serve with your sweetener of choice.